Grid - access to cell (cell selection/active)


I’am using grid, I turned sellection mode to NONE and I want to do some action after selecting/focusing concrete cell (or on cell selection change - situation when cell has border). Is it possible ? Can anyone suggest how to do something like that ?

I’m a bit confused, you want to select items while selecting items is disabled?

You can add an ItemClickListener to create similar effects as selecting an item. But there’s no focus change listener for Grid items or cells.

Thank you for your response :).

well… selection is off because I don’t want to select item.
As I said I want to check somehow on which CELL (not row) focus is. There is some kind of selection/focusing on cell click or using keyboard arrows (cell style changes after focus/active/selection - with/without border - even selection mode is NONE) - I was reffering to that behaviour.

Another question:
Is there a way to turn off that strange editor with save/cancel buttons and use normal inline editing which saves data after focus lost?