Graphics with draggable and resizable element

Hi all,

I would like to start a new vaadin project which makes use of the html5 grapics function. The goal is to have an application which can display a backgound image with several elements (rectangles and other geometric objects) on it. The elements will be added by the applications user. After adding them he shall be able to resize and to move them.

What I found up to now is e.g. the Canvas component which is nice to show static graphics. What I did not find is the way to add add elements (maybe on a separate layer) which can be resized or moved by mouse interaction. I think what I am searching for is commonly called “sprites”. Do I have to write my own widget? Or can I realize this by using canvas?

Could you please provide me any information which direction I have to go?

Thanks in advance

As I go no response till now:

Is my description to complicated or not detailed enough or is there simply no answer available?

I would be happy about any response.