GoogleAnalyticsTracker. How to track multipe UI elements activity of a user

Say I need to track every access to my application, and, every time a subwindow, the LoginWindow, opens.

Do I need to register a different GoogleAnalyticsTracker, one in init() and one in the constructor or attach() of the LoginWindow to be able to track them both and see them separately in the analytics reports (but as part of the same domain?).

Also, I seem to remember from a test way back, that you could see whether the user went immediately the main view to the login view, as in a user usage flow. How would I achieve this in Vaadin, because it’s not based on pages but it’s dynamic.

EDIT1: There seems to be a related funcitonality in Google Analytics, the Social Settings:

If able to send for app paths, like, and register in consequence with social settings: and, then, wouldn’t this also mean that to register this activity you’ld have to modify the URL of the Vaadin app while accessing that view for the google analytics to pick up the path too?
How to modify the vaadin app in a request/response cycle then?

EDIT2: For example, I registered in my init() with
and my LoginWindow constructor with
using the same GoogleAnalyticsTracker instance.

How do I leverage this to see in Google Analytics that two different components were accessed?

EDIT3: Ok, I answered half my question. In my actual application I registered “refs.tracker.trackPageview(”/mainWindow");" and so, in google analytics > traffic sources > sources > direct there’s a column named “landing page”, where “/mainWindow” appeared, and also “/ro”, because I was playing around with it in localhost (setting domain to “none”). Google analytics sees it as or, although no such path exists and ar all handles by Vaadin’s servlet as it was mapped to. This opens an interesting gambit, of using appfoundation views, for the sole purpose of returning with google analytics links there on the exact spot in your app that they’re related to?

The other unanswered half of the question is: why hasn’t it caught /loginWindow for this registration in the LoginWindow constructor:

FINAL EDIT: Everything appears as it should in Content > Overview > Page column (including /loginWindow)
*I’ve also tested and saw the traffic leaving especially for my LoginWindow

Only thing remaining is where do I see the user flow such as that an user’s action after entering the application was opening LoginWindow immediately after. It can be seen somewhere|somehow in google analytics. If anyone finds it please post. Thanks

POST… FINAL EDIT :slight_smile: It was called… drum roll …conspicuously: “Visitors Flow”

P.S. How to see google analytics traffic: