GoogleAnalyticsTracker add-on won't appear nor work

I’ve recompiled the widgetset with GoogleAnalyticsTracker. I use Vaadin 6.7.3

I put this in my init()

refs.tracker = new GoogleAnalyticsTracker("UA-nnnnnnnn-n",
		// Track the page view
		refs.tracker.trackPageview("/ro"); does a 301 redirect to

With Firebug I can’t find “UA-” on the page source, nor does it seem to work… maybe because it’s not loaded?

does the trackerPageView have to match something like a div id? or path? Like my app path is “/ro”.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. BTW, can I add a trackPageView on every subwindow in my application with a different random identifier for each one so I track access to them?

Ok, if you’re an impatient guy like me and want to see if it works immediately, try this tutorial: