Google Maps vs. V-Leaflet

  • Hello.

I’m developing a mobile web application based on Vaadin Touchkit. This application should show a map. I’m going to add some functions on the map (I want to make some kind of tracing application based on locations from my devices for example). So I’d like to add for example markers with the devices location and a polyline from my location to my devices location. A simple tracing application where users can trace their devices based on devices location.

I’ve found out that only GoogleMaps from Tapio Aali and V-Leaflet is the only available options supported on Vaadin Touchkit/Vaadin 7.

  • What I’d like to know is which of these two options would be the best choice (on cellphones)? I’ve read that Leaflet would be the best choice for cellphones. Why is that?
    I’ve tried them both and found V-Leaflet to be less laggy than Google Maps for example, but I’m not sure about the data usage.
  • Which of these two options consumes more datatraffic for example? I want my application to consume low datatraffic is possible.
  • Pros and cons on both?
  • Will they both be updated and supported on later Vaadin updates?
  • Which of these two options does contains more features/materials? For example Google Maps has the option to remove various objects from the map (StreetView, Zoom, Rotate, OverView). Is it possible to remove these objects on Leaflet?

Most important would be data usage, response time (from user click on the map till the map displays).

Thanks in advance!


From technical perspective those add-ons have the differece that GoogleMaps is “monolithic” as where V-Leaflets marker is a separate component. But in practice I think there isn’t that big differences in generated traffic. The larges traffic impact will most probably come from base layers, so if you want to use as little bandwidth as possible, use background layer with just little details and with good tile compression. With Leaflet you can freely choose the background layer provider.

I haven’t really done any feature comparison, but at least V-Leaflet has tons of features and new ones, especially those that has “counterpart” in LeafletJS api, are commonly easy to add.

Both of the add-ons are “community efforts” that are not officially supported by Vaadin Ltd, but both are open source. If you need a feature to either of these, but lack the motivation, skills or resources to contribute it yourself, don’t hesitate to contact our sales. We have an army of experts who can provide features to add-ons as “sponsored development”.