Google description

I developed a webapp with Vaadin. After go-live for a few weeks, i try to search in Google. I had to improve my google rating. But this is another problem.

After a few searches i found my website in google on the second site. But there is no description? How can I set the description in Google? Is it right, that this description is the HTML-Meta-Tag from the website? If it is correct, how can i set it in Vaadin?

I tried to set it to my main window, but i can´t see any changes.

mainWindow.setDescription("test description");

Thanks for answers.

You seem to be using Vaadin 6, where this differs from how it would be done for Vaadin 7 - for Vaadin 7 see
this page

setDescription() sets the tooltip of a component, in this case the Panel that Window inherits in Vaadin 6.
I’m not even certain if it has any effect for a top-level Window, but probably not what you want in any case.

The headers are more tricky to customize in Vaadin 6 as the bootstrap page is quite monolithic and embedded in the servlet class if I remember correctly. Unfortunately I cannot recall where it is - maybe someone else can give a starting point for that.

Yes i´m using Vaadin 6. And i don´t want to upgrade on Vaadin 7.

Ok, setDescription(); ist the wrong way. Is there any other chance to fix my problem?
And is there an opinion to solve the whole SEO-Problems in Vaadin?

Or can i set the meta info´s of the start page like