Google Chrome Version 35 => Problem with Touchkit DatePicker

Hi folks,

we have some issues with the Datepicker, after we updated our client computers to Google Chrome 35.
In Chrome 34 and ALL other browsers we don’t have the following problem.

  1. Open the datePicker
  2. Try to click on one day and see that nothing happens
  3. Try to click then onto another day and see that the last day get highlighted.
  4. Try to click again onto another day and see that two days are active now.

This behaviour is NOT wanted :wink: Trying this in Chorme 34 just allows me to select one day directly :slight_smile:

Pls take a look at the attached animated GIF.

This is bad, because Google updates the browsers automatically. Anybody experienced this one, too?


Google updated his browser to Version 36 and now it is solved :slight_smile: