Github in start project

I downloaded quick start project from
I have question:
Why is my project connected to someone’s github?

            <id>Vaadin Directory</id>


That’s not GitHub this is the Maven repository that contains the Vaadin Add-Ons from Vaadin Add-on Directory

ok, got it. But why am i automatically connected to github?

You are not. The project just is a local Git Repo. There is no remote configured

So i can delete all gihub files?


Yes. but it is NOT GitHub. Just Git.
Git is a version control system and GitHub a Server where you can share your Git repo

If you keep it you will get the benefit of versioning your project and you can see the history, create branches and so on

oh, thank you, never knew the differences

i have few more questions. should i create new posts or just continue here?

Please create new questions