getting URL from vaadin embeded inside a page

Hello, I have a vaadin application thar
runs embeded inside
different pages
The vaadin application needs to know the URL from the page that it is inside.

When I try Application.getURL(); I get the applications URL, not the hosing pages URL.

How could I get the
host URL

Thank you


Aha! OK this is a possible solusion…
(I repply to myself)

Overwrite ApplicationServlet (and declare it in web.xml)

public class MyAppSerlet extends ApplicationServlet
     static public String m_path;

     protected Application getNewApplication(HttpServletRequest request) throws ServletException
          m_path = request.getHeader("Referer");	    
          return super.getNewApplication(request);

and now m_path contains the url of the content page!

Thank you