Getting started for Vaadin Cloud Development

I am new to Vaadin, and want to put together an application to deploy via one of the cloud providers.

The application will require significant database activity, and the front end will be fairly simple but does need to be modern and very user friendly (thus my interest in Vaadin).

I am very experienced in JEE, JSF, and RDBMS (primarily have been using Oracle for quite some time now). I use IntelliJ for work development so am most familiar with that - this will be a side project - but will use Eclipse or Netbeans if that works better for Vaadin.

I have very limited time to devote to this, so want to get everything set up as quickly as possible so I can get right to development and proof of concept.

I appreciate any advice regarding:

  • what cloud options are both low (or no) initial cost as well as a good fit for hassle-free Vaadin application deployment

  • what is the most efficient solution for managing enterprise level database access from within Vaadin (supporting transaction management, clustering, and high performance)

  • are there any existing articles, blogs, etc that walk through the process of setting up for vaadin development aimed for cloud deployment


About IDEs, IntelliJ IDEA works just fine with Vaadin. No need to learn new IDE. Many Vaadin users use IntelliJ.

Any “cloud option” should work as well. The best solution for you depends quite a lot about the characteristics of your application. I haven’t tried the newly launched Oracle PaaS services (WebLogic Java EE server), but that might be a good option for you if you want to build your app on Oracle database.

You probably want to use a stateless EJB + JPA and access your data via that in your Vaadin application. If you use Vaadin CDI, you can just inject the EJB into your UI code and get started. See e.g.
this simple example

There are couple of articles in and elsewhere in the web how to e.g. setup Docker or Bluemix with Vaadin, but in general cloud deployment with Vaadin (and with any other Java apps) is generally really simple, but often specific to the “cloud service”. Vaadin applications are fundamentally just Servlet’s, so any generic instructions should suit as well.