Getting Started - Eclipse not working

Hello All

I’m new to using Vaadin and trying to configure it the way it has been explained in the Vaadin Book.

But none of the Eclipse versions Ganymede, Helios or Indigo are working with the Vaadin Plugin Update. Indigo does completed the installation of the Vaadin plugin but doesn’t work as expected when trying to create a new Vaadin Project.

Rest of the Eclipse version says “No repository found” error.

I’d request me to help with this early problems in exploring Vaadin.

Thank you!

/ Ranganath

I have been using all of those with the Vaadin plugin, and never had any errors. What do you mean when you say ‘doesn’t work as expected’?

Hi Thomas

After installing Vaadin plugin and start creating a new project, I can only see “Vaadin Project” but not those which were shown in the Vaadin Book.

However, I proceed further choosing the one which is available and in the next window, the Vaadin version doesn’t show up in the drop down list and doesn’t let me go beyond that window.

I’ve tried will almost all the varieties of Eclipse IDEs available and situation doesn’t see a brighter side.

I wonder, whether it is dependent on machine? 32-bit or 64-bit ? as I’ve asked my colleague to install the plugin and it worked as it was explained in the book.

Please do let me know if anything otherwise.

/ Ranga

The other “Vaadin …” options are available (at least when a suitable project is selected) in the “New…” dialog but not in the “New Project…” dialog.

In the wizard, there is a “Download” button - there might not be any versions in the drop down list before you download one to the local cache, but not selecting one does not block continuing from the page (it will automatically download the latest version).

Check the top of the dialog to see why you cannot continue - usually because of a missing or invalid project name.

You should usually use the Java EE package of Eclipse, selecting 32-bit or 64-bit depending on the operating system and the JDK you are using. This is not related to Vaadin so some other sources than this forum are more appropriate.