Getting one-finger scroll to work on iPhone

Hi all,

I’m developing a Vaadin application for mobile devices in general, and for the iPhone in particular as it’s more or less the most used smartphone.

So far so good, but I can’t get scrolling to work on the iPhone: The page moves, but not its content. On regular browsers a scrollbar appears, but of course not on the iPhone. I know about two-finger scrolling, but not everyone do and it’s not very handy.

Searching for some information on this forum I found this
this thread
but I can’t get my application to show up in div elements. Moreover, I guess some information is missing, because looking at the code sent to my browser by the Vaadin application, I’m not sure this would make a difference as the application is already inside a div element.

I’ve also found
this one
, which is exactly the problem I face, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do: Calling setSizeUndefined() didn’t help.

I know about the TouchKit add-on, but I don’t want to use it: I’m happy with the current look and feel of Vaadin, and the application is supposed to be used as well on other mobile devices. I just want scrolling to work :slight_smile:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

So let me reply to myself :slight_smile:

Messing around with sizes in my code, I finally found that the height of the body was set to 100% in my Servlet file… Removing that solved the problem. Hope this can help someone else one day!


Glad to hear your problems got solved. In case you have some scrollable components in you vaadin app (like panels or table), I’d still suggest to throw in the TouchScroll addon:

Also did you notice the related thread just a few days ago: