Getting NativeSelect from Event


Just wondering if there is any event, from which I can get the source, is fired when I select value in NativeSelect.

As in a TextField I get a TextChangeEvent event and from this I can get which textfield has been changed by (TextField) event.getComponent().

I am looking for a similar way to add a listener to NativeSelect that when user selects a value in it I can retrieve the component.

One way I can think is like

mySelect.addListener(Property.ValueChangeEvent.class, this, “mySelectChanged”);

So in mySelectChanged method I know mySelec (NativeSelect) is changed. But I have like 10 NativeSelects in my view and I have to add 10 different methods to get the component. Instead if I can have one method and there I can retrieve the changed component, that would be great.

Any help!! Thanks in advance.