Getting current width of a split panel


is it possible to get current width of horizontal split panel? I am trying to implement a table that would contain lazy loaded widgets but if you resize the panel it is inside in, after it is large enough to contain two widgets, it will get deleted and new table would be created with 2 columns instead of one and so forth in both directions. I know I can get split position off panel but what about actual pixel size?

If you are using Vaadin 6, you can use the
CSS Tools
add-on. Unfortunately, I don’t know about a solution for Vaadin 7.

Yes I am using vaadin 6. I will check it out.

I got it working with css tools, however, what I found strange was that there was no event to know when split panel was resized. I had to derive from horizotnalsplitpanel and manually add event for it…

There is a ticket for that (
), but it isn’t prioritized that high, unfortunately.

Well it is really easy fix, though. At most 60 lines of code for me:

It has probably just gotten lost in the loooong list of features we have been requested. If you have ready-made code for it, please consider sharing it:
How to contribute code to Vaadin
. If you have a pro account, you can prioritize the ticket and add the link to a comment in Trac. That should get the DEV team to notice it :slight_smile: