Getting a NoClassDefFoundError


I want to do a project using Vaadin and am facing some issues. Here’s what I did.

I downloaded Eclipse and installed the Vaadin for Eclipse plugin. Then, I created a new Vaadin 7 project. It downloaded some Ivy dependencies but then, when I pressed Run, I get this error:

I searched a bit on the Internet but to no avail. One thing is that in the web-app’s WEB-INF/lib folder, there are no jars. I have attached a screenshot of the error and also web.xml and ivy.xml.

Please help. I am basically stuck without even starting to code. I am on Windows 8.1 Pro x64 with Java 7u45, Eclipse Kepler SR1 and Vaadin 7.1.7
13267.xml (650 Bytes)
13268.xml (1.79 KB)
13269.xml (1.22 KB)

Check the project settings → deployment assembly. Do you have Ivy libraries in the list? if not, then add them from the button add->build path → ivy.xml and redeploy your app.

This worked. Thanks.