​"Get Help" Component

On the left side of this forum you can see an expandable panel “Get Help”.

How can I have something similar in my Vaadin app?

You should have a look at
. Maybe you can set a fixed height like the one in here if you want the exact same look.
Another way might be to make a component yourself usíng css. So you could make a layout that looks like the entire Get Help Panel(So including all Buttons/Links/Text and also the little “lip”/button that’s visible) Then you align the component on the left with css using “position:absolute;” and “left:-whatever you need px;” in a way that only the little lip is visible. On click/hover you then replace the style with a new one which has left set to 0 and has a transition set on left or uses a valo animation, …
So this explanation is probablynot that helpful if you’re not that fond with css so i would recommend you try the addon. If it doesn’t work for you, you could have a look at its source code to see if you can change it to what you need. Otherwise i would recommend looking into the css attributes position, left, transition and the valo-animations.