Get elements from the editable table

How can I get the String elements from the table?

Hi, can you please shed some light about the elements you are trying to retrieve?
I mean, what String elements?

Maybe you need
table.getValue() for selected values?

Or maybe
Item row1 = table.getItem(itemId);

If this does not help, please tell us more about what you are trying to achieve.

Thank you for your reply.

I have inline editing table.

I want get the user input when the content of the table is changed.

I will try second one.

Is there a way to get all the elements in the table without using itemid?

Normally a Table works on a container which you can get like this:

Container container = table.getContainerDataSource();

The items in that container basically represent rows in a relational database table (the rows in the Table).
Container is an interface and it depends on its implementation whether or not you can retrieve the items
without their itemid.
Table cannot know if your container allows this, so this is not offered in the API.

Why do you not access the data from the container or the database? It seems strange to want to retrieve
data from the Table when the Table itself needs to retrieve the data from a source.

I see that your Table is editable. Please see this thread here:!/thread/138380/138379

Also, please be advised that starting with Vaadin 7.4 there is now the Grid component which aims to replace the Table.

Thank you!!!