General size of web app - change default resolution?

Hi All,

I have not made any CSS changes as im happy with the general look and feel of the default designs. With the adddition of the Chameleon add-on this makes updating the design easier.

However, what i would like to do is reduce the size of the visual aspects of the app. In Firefox, the size i am tring to achieve is the same as zooming out twice.

Can this be done via CSS? If so how can i apply this to my whole app?

Is there a way to change the default app resolution to be the same as the zoomed out Firefox resolution?



can the sizing/resolution be handeled via CSS? or any other way?

You can only change the font size easily with CSS. Some other parts can be changed with CSS dimensions, but many aspects of both Reindeer and Runo are done using images, so you would need to reduce their size as well.

Chameleon theme scales pretty easily with just specifying the font size with the online editor.

I’m not sure I get what you mean by “resolution”, so this answer might miss the target completely…

Thanks Jouni for your response.

Reducing the font size via the Chamelon add-on did give me the results that i wanted.