General questions on TextField & RichTextArea...

Hi all,

I’m Asela, a software developer form Sri Lanka.
I started using Vaadin recently & find it very interesting.

I have a few general questions & I would like to seek your assistance in resolving them.
They are as follows.

  1. Do we have a way of setting the Content Type for a TextField ? [
    as in myLabel.setContentMode(Label.CONTENT_XHTML) for a Label

  2. How do I specify the X & Y coordinates for a RichTextArea?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Asela,

No, since the HTML input element doesn’t support any other rendering than plaintext. CONTENT_PRE is possible to accomplish, but RAW and XHTML not so much. You’d need to create a custom widget for those, and the end results would probably look somewhat like the RichTextArea.

What do you mean by coordinates? Do you wish to position the editor itself, or some content that lives inside the editor?

Hi Jouni,

Thanks for the replay.

Yes I wanted to position the editor itself.
However, it was a stupid question to be asked in the first place, coz I found the answer just 15mins after I posted the question. My bad…

Anyways, now I’m confronted with a new problem that I’ve already opened another thread.

It would be much appreciated if you could have a look into this.

Thanks again.