GateIn + Vaadin table header bug

Hi everybody,
I’m working with a problem I can’t manage to solve with my Vaadin tables. Headers are not displayed in my portlets as shown in screenshot (VAADINTABLEPORTLET). Only the first header appears.

When I access the application by the servlet, everything is fine (VAADINTABLESERVLET)

I’m working with:

  • Vaadin 6.7.4
  • GateIn 3.2.0.Final with jbossas6

To reproduce the bug, you can find a sample code attached to this post which is basically a simple Vaadin table with some dummies data:

public class EntryPoint extends Application {

	public void init() {
		Window window = new Window("Agate Table Bug Window");
		/* Create the table with a caption. */
		Table table = new Table("This is my Table");

		 * Define the names and data types of columns. The "default value" parameter is meaningless here.
		table.addContainerProperty("First Name", String.class, null);
		table.addContainerProperty("Last Name", String.class, null);
		table.addContainerProperty("Year", Integer.class, null);

		/* Add a few items in the table. */
		table.addItem(new Object[] { "Nicolaus", "Copernicus", new Integer(1473) }, new Integer(1));
		table.addItem(new Object[] { "Tycho", "Brahe", new Integer(1546) }, new Integer(2));
		table.addItem(new Object[] { "Giordano", "Bruno", new Integer(1548) }, new Integer(3));
		table.addItem(new Object[] { "Galileo", "Galilei", new Integer(1564) }, new Integer(4));
		table.addItem(new Object[] { "Johannes", "Kepler", new Integer(1571) }, new Integer(5));
		table.addItem(new Object[] { "Isaac", "Newton", new Integer(1643) }, new Integer(6));

Does anybody has any idea on how to fix this bug?