FYI: Firefox 10 not yet supported?


Today I’ve updated Vaadin to 6.7.5, my system does not work fine in Firefox browser. Below are two TextFields which are decorated like this, black!!

All the other TextFields are same, black … And another widgets such as TabSheet, Window frame also do not show right.
By another browser (Chrome, Safari) there is no problem. And before upgraded Vaadin ( I forget previous version I used), there was no problem by Firefox 10.0.1.

This is just a report. But if anyone has any information about this, please give us.


To me that looks more like you are still using the old Vaadin theme from the previous version. Maybe it is being loaded from the browser cache?

The usual things to check when upgrading a Vaadin version is:

  • Recompile your projects widgetset (if it has one)
  • If you have extracted the themes from the Vaadin jar then you should update the extracted theme as well
  • Update browser cache by hitting refresh in the browser
  • Append ?debug to the application url and check that the there are no version errors

I just checked - 349/349 tests passed on Firefox 10 this morning in our continuous integration system (6.7.6 branch, which is quite close to 6.7.5).
Therefore, I believe the issue is one of those mentioned by John: old widgetset or theme resources.


You’re right, it was because of browser cache.

Thank you