Functional Reactive Programming with Vaadin

I wrote a quick test on how the functional reactive programming approach works with the event-based model of Vaadin. Turns out, it works pretty well.

More info:


This looks elegant, and super super useful! I’m disappointed this has basically gone under the radar. I wish more people were enthousiastic about FRP. It feels like the “right way” to make UIs work the way I want them to. Oh well.

Hi Mauris,

I am (slowly) writing my Master’s thesis on Vaadin and RP - I hope I have something to show during this autumn.

Johannes, that’s very interesting, will you produce any code do you think?

Yes, I hope to produce an addon and perhaps some core Vaadin changes that could be included in an official release in the future.

Hi Johannes,

After our in-house extension of Vaadin framework has now grown in size I see that we have lot of coupling I’d like to remove and search a way to work on event based model, so basically functional reactive programming. Have you managed to produce something that could help me forward?

  • Jukka

Hi all,

Due to life and stuff I haven’t been able to get much done on this front, but I finally got something to github:

There’s also my related M.Sc. project if you’re interested:

I created a new thread on the Add-ons forum for discussing the Vaadin.React project specifically:!/thread/13147581

Does anybody have a RXVaadin Scala example?

I´m having a lot of problems to run RxVaadin with RxScala because version problems between RxScala, JxScala and RxVaddon. e.g., JavaConverter from RxScala sends an error.

Does anybody has some idea how can I solve thisproblem?