Frozen columns in Table

My table requires the first three columns to be frozen. I found some old threads on hacks to achieve this using multiple tables, I am wondering if there are any better techniques available in the newer versions of vaadin. I have a lot of data, I assume any hacky solution will run into performance issues when I have 10,000 rows and 500 columns, but I’m willing to try whatever. Thanks.

Hi, I have both good and bad news. The bad news is that AFAIK there are still no good ways to do frozen columns with the current Table. The good news is that the feature is built into the new awesome Grid component that’s basically Table rewritten from the start to be more maintainable and customizable. Grid is the number one feature of Vaadin 7.4; a beta of 7.4.0 should be available in September. However, unfortunately the first Grid version is not going to contain all the features of the existing Table. The latter will still be available until the Vaadin 7 end of life.

Interesting, thanks for the news. I’ll have to investigate Grid in the new version and weigh it against using two tables side by side.