freeze table , how to hide one table's Vertical scrollbar?

I have define tow table , one table as freeze area, another table as main data table.

now i want to disable the first table’s Vertical scrollbar? and keep the second table’s Vertical scrollbar. how can i do it?

here is my code:

                          SplitTable splitTable = new SplitTable(bc, prodName, currSelectCategory);
		      MainTable mainTable = new MainTable(bc, prodName, currSelectCategory);
		      mainTable.setDependentTable( splitTable );
		      layoutTables.addComponent( splitTable );
		      layoutTables.addComponent( mainTable );
		      splitTable.setWidth( "300px" );
		      mainTable.setWidth( "500px" );
		      splitTable.addStyleName( "m-float-left" );
		      splitTable.addStyleName( "v-table-body-noscrollbar" );
		      top.addComponent( layoutTables );
		      top.setComponentAlignment(layoutTables, new Alignment(Bits.ALIGNMENT_HORIZONTAL_CENTER));

and i want to hide the splitTable’s Vertical scrollbar. and keep the mainTable’s Vertical scrollbar. how can i do it?

who can help me to solve this problem?

The following removes the scrollbar:

.v-table-m-float-left .v-table-body {
	overflow-y: hidden !important;