Free Vaadin support for 12 month Pro Account subscriptions

When subscribing to Pro Account before end of February you will get free Vaadin Support time in your 12 month
Pro Account

The amount of included support time depends on the team size of the subscription.
Vaadin Support
time is given for free as follows. Subscription for;

  • 1 developer: 1 hour
  • up to 3 devs: 2 hours
  • up to 6 devs: 4 hours
  • up to 10 devs: 6 hours
  • more than 10: 10 hours

For those not familiar with Vaadin Pro Account offering, here’s the Pro Account in nutshell.
Subscribing to Pro Account will upgrade your free Vaadin account and will give you:

  • licence to use Pro Add-ons
  • Vaadin Calendar
  • Vaadin JPAContainer
  • Vaadin TestBench
  • Vaadin Timeline
  • Vaadin TouchKit

  • access to Pro Account features such as
  • BugFix Priority
  • Support Requests
  • Feature Voting
  • Knowledge Base
  • Security Alerts


Check out more about Vaadin Pro Account:
Pro add-ons
Pro features

Or in case you have already decided to
Go for Pro
then you can
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