FragmentChanged Event gets fired in a loop on browers forward button

Hi there,

I´m a big fan of vaadin and I really love your work!
But now I have a problem:
My FragmentChangedListener gets fired endlessly in a loop whenever I hit the forward button of the browser.

Can you tell me when the event is fired and if there are any known problems like this?
Or is there just a usage error?

kind regards

an example
on the UriFragmentUtility. (The URL opens a popup which you may need to allow in your browser)

You can select a few items and then click back and forward. Well, the backward and forward buttons are disabled from the popup window, but you can use them with the right-mouse-button menu (at least in Firefox).

As it works there, as well as in the
, your problem is probably a usage error.

thanks for your reply. I checked the vaadin samples and everythings works fine.
I already noticed my “usage error” and figured out the problem and I try to give you a description:

I have a FragmentChangedListener an it manages the creation of my mainPanels that are lying inside my mainWindow.
Whenever a fragmendChanged event gets fired, i replace the current mainPanel with the new mainPanel associated with the fragment.
When I call the addComponent method for the new mainPanel on the layout of the mainWindow the fragmentChangedListener gets fired and I don´t know why? Is this a expected behavior?

Kind regards