FormSender component

(not sure if this is actually an UI component…)

Here is a new component I created, FormSender. It allows you to send arbitary key/value pairs via traditional POST or GET methods. This is sometimes needed for integration with existing web services. There is an
online demo
, and you can grab the sources and jar from
the SVN

Can this plugin help me, if i want to open the page with post method? What should I do for it?


I tried the online demo but it doesn’t appear to work anymore (nothing happens when I select something from the drop down).



Is there a way to open the submit target in a new Window ? I always get transfered from my current application to the submit taget .

Hello, I am trying to use FormSender in a View component,
but cannot add the object of FormSender to any layout in Vaadin:

HorizontalLayout layout = new HorizontalLayout();
FormSender sender = new FormSender();

layout.addComponent(sender); // ← does not work.

How can I use it with a View?
Would be grateful for any advice!

If you’re using it in Vaadin 7, then FormSender is actually an extension (
). So you can just create it, configure it and call extend with your UI as parameter:


Thank you, yes, it’s working)


First, thanks for the component. I use it.
But I want to open the new window self. Now It is opening as popup window.

First name:
Last name:

How can I do?

Hi Risto Yrjänä,
In my case I am use vaadin 6, I only see the version formsender-0.1.jar but It’s beta :frowning: Could you help me please?, I am working with vaadin 6.