FormLayout component size

In FormLayout all components are taking equal size. Can I have a component to occupy half of the column-size ?

Here the refresh btn is looking odd. I want to reduce its size

Yes you can set the width of the form item

let me try

I just saw that this only works when creating the FormItem with addFormItem

yeah but not with add

If you use add on the FormLayout you can set the width of the button to 50%

with addFormItem, the label is mandatory

if I provide something, it will occupy the some space again

but did you try to set 50% on the button?

yep. let me put here how it looks now


there is some space between the text field and button which is the label

btw, your grid editor post was really helpful. I’ve saved it in my bookmarks

But what if you add the button with add and set the width of the button?

no effect. it takes full width

I see…

is there a way to put the label right side ?


Let me try something