Formbinder ViewGenerator need help

Hi there,
I’ve some question about Formbinder and ViewGenerator:

  1. can I use ViewGenerator with my @Entity POJOs? ( I think yes … ?)
  2. ViewGenerator generates only TextFields … whats about N:M relations or 1:N relations - so i need a SelectBox here or TwinColSelect, how can I do that right with ViewGenerator?

Thank you !!!


  1. Sure.

  2. ViewGenerator currently only supports basic java types by default. If you have a field factory that is intelligent enough to make selects for selections, it should work if you pass the field factory to ViewGenerator. There is an example of this in the
    usage video
    . In the half way of the video I use FieldFactory from
    project, that does some magic with relations and e.g. enums. Similarly you might be able to use use your own or e.g. JPAContainers FieldFactory.

All contributions are more than welcome. To tool was born from needs of one small project I was working on and I’m sure there are hundred things that could be improved. I’m not currently actively working on it.