Form with VerticalLayout problems

Hi All,

Here is my problem:

This method creates new form for application

protected Form createForm() {
final VerticalLayout formLayout = new VerticalLayout();

        return new Form(formLayout);


In ITMill it works correct, but after upgrade to Vaadin all elements constructed into this form became invisible because height parameter of all

tags under v-form which had class “v-verticallayout” was 0.

When method changes to

protected Form createForm() {
return new Form();

this problem was resolved.

Can anybody tell me - can form work correct with VerticalLayout? Or i have to use only FormLayout ?



My guess is that this problem actually is due to
where you put the form
. In other words, the layout that contains your form (or some layout above this) has an undefined size, which causes the setSizeFull() to be zero.

This can easily be spotted by appending ?debug to your application URL and klicking the “Analyze layouts” button in the debug window.