Form with Validator on the fields, but without data binding


I want to use a Vaadin Form, with fields, and with a Validator, but without the data source binding (“Item”). Is this possible ?

According to some nordic magi, we can add fields without the data binding : see


How can we do that ? The method
I have seen, in Vaadin 6.8, demands a propertyId.

Do you have an example of code of a form in this way ?

And can such a Form use the Validator mechanisms, which look nice ?

Thank you !

Nicolas B., France

is actually an
itself that has properties just like any item, but can, although doesn’t have to be, bound to an external data source item.

There’s one example
that uses the [tt]
[/tt] to add the fields. It doesn’t demonstrate commit though, but it should work just like with a form bound to an item data source.

Thank you Marko. I will look at that.