Form with Select as source


With 6.7.5, I have a form that uses the value of a ComboBox as the item to edit. The select has a bean item container and when the value of the select changes, I call setItemDataSource on my form to edit the values of the underlying object.

I can see through debug that this is working as expected, except that any edited object disappear from the select. More precisely, it is replaced by a blank (instead of the display name in the select) and when I click on it, no value change event is invoked. I can see through the debugged that the underlying container is ok and it does contain what I have changed using the form.

What could be wrong?


Answering myself: the id in the container was the item itself. and equals/hashCode did not fit to BeanItemContainer here. That was tricky. Changing equals/hashCode so that it does not involve modified fields did the trick. Or use BeanContainer with a custom id.