Form submit button disabled after initial click

My apologies but I am new to Vaadin and I am using version 7.1.5. I have a form with a single submit button. When I click it I see the commit take place, however the submit button no longer functions after the first submission even when I refresh the page.

I have to do a reload of the page in order for trhe submit button to work again.

My quest is: Is this expected behaviour? And if it is is there a way to force the form to refresh. Just so you know this form is visible at all times. I do not do any redirecting after the fact.

Again my apologies for asking a relatively dumb question.

Thanks in advance for any help.

BTW I have been using Vaadin for 2 days now and it is awesom. I do have one additional queston that revolves around best practices when using the vaadin grails plugin. It is easy for me to see that I could use all Vaadin and just deploy it as a webapp and never really touch any of the grails stuff. Would it be advisable to implement my services and domains in grails and then just reference them in my Vaadin What role do the controllers play? Should I just forgo thier usage.

I was looking at some older documentation and there seemed to be quite a few built in grails tools to create vaadincontroller etc. I am trying to determine the best approach. I like the fact they I can use the gsp for formatting t fighe page. Using an embeded vaadin app is a possibility to but I have not yet been able to overcome the urlmapping:

For example: I have an vaadin page at http://localhost:8080/grailstest and it renders perfect and works every time. If I embed that same page in say john.jsp and then go to http://localhost:8080/grailstes/john.gsp and I was redirected to the grails welcome site that ships with the grails install. My embedded vaadin application appears as it should but when ever I click any component I immediately get a 404 not found and it tells me I have to refresh to start over. I know it is in my url mappings but I have no clue as to how to modify them to amke it work. I have beat on this for aquite a few days so I figured I would come ask the experts. Sorry about the 20 questions in 1 approach. --John