form.setVisibleItemProperties add label between

Hi there,

I am binding a form to a Beanitem using the following standard code:

BeanItem<Applicationform> bi = new BeanItem<Applicationform>(application.getApplicationForm());

I am also setting the fields order using:

Object[] visibleFieldsFromConfig = getVisibleFormProperties(type);


Then I want to add a field that is unbound, not related to the beanitem. I use this code:

form.getLayout().addComponent(new Label("Label with border"));

The final order of the fields is:
the custom field (“Label with border”)
the fields order from the code above (visibleFieldsFromConfig)

I want to insert the “A Label” between the others, a Headline in Bold or so. Is this possible and how can i do that?

Please help!

Same post but no answer!?!