form problem

hi all.

i have a form problem.

In a vertical layout. i have a button . if the button is clicked once a form is visible, if again clicked another form is opened like wise so on.

now my problem is how to save all the form data into a DB.

i found that all the form have same name bcoz it is added again and again. also the last form oly added to database.

please provide me solutions


I think there are thousands of answers to your question about how to save user input into a database, so it would help if you could try some things and narrow down what you’re asking. If it helps, I have a blog with an application that has a form, reads the user’s input, and stores it into a database. Maybe this will help:

Getting the information from the Vaadin form object is pretty straightforward, but, again, there are many many ways to put that data into a database. My example is using JPA, but there are other options.