Form Layout: cannot add integer fields

I’m trying to add IntegerFields to a custom form that extends FormLayout (shortened):

public class TestForm extends FormLayout {

    private IntegerField ew = new IntegerField("EW");
    private IntegerField aw = new IntegerField("AW");
    private IntegerField rw = new IntegerField("RW");
    private IntegerField be = new IntegerField("BE");
    private Button save = new Button("Save");
    private Button delete = new Button("Delete");
    private Button close = new Button("Cancel");

    Binder<Test> binder = new BeanValidationBinder<>(Test.class);

    public TestForm() {

        add(ew, aw, rw, be,

However, these fields do not show in the UI, only the buttons are visible. TextField, TextArea and ComboBox work as expected. Is it somehow not possible to add IntegerFields or NumberFields in general to FormLayout? If so, why? If not: what am I doing wrong?

For the record: I’m using vaadin 14.1.25


AFAIK IntegerFields work just fine in any layout. Can you post a full example?

I’ll get around creating a stripped down version to make it easier to debug.
The weird thing is - if I set a breakpoint in the form, the element variable has all the excpected form elements (see attached screenshot). They are just not visible. If I inspect the resulting page with the browser dev-tools, the integer fields are there (see second attached screenshot). Do you have any idea why that is?

Okay got it, appears to have been the same issue as this one:

A mvn clean install has fixed it all… Thank you very much for helping!