Form - cached fields


in my current project which is based on vaadin and redVoodo i have a couple of really big tables. They are visualzed by master detail blocks. A table shows the records and a detail form is used to enter values.

I have created a ManagedForm which allows you to group the fields in tabs and sections to make them more clear.
Each time a record is selected at the table, the setItemDatasource() method of the form is invoked. And the form is creating new instances of ALL fields of the form.

But, for the biggest tables it takes a really long time ( > 1.5 sec), until the detail form is newly created. I could measure that the bottleneck is NOT at the serverside (creation of the form). I guess a lot of time becomes wasted by transfering the new component information to the client.

Since i am not so familar with the cilent sided parts of vaadin;
may it save a lot of time if i would write a form that caches all fields for reuse. So it would create the fields once. On calling setItemDatasource() only the properties are replaced instead of creating all fields again.

Any suggestions?

Florian Pirchner

I have created a CachedForm and could save about 75% of time. Selected records are shown really quickly now!