Form and FormFieldFactory question

I have written a form factory that creates a valid Field object for each propertyId, I’ve checked in Debug mode on Eclipse and via good ol’ standard out.

However, I am getting a strange problem- although no errors are reported either in the console window, or via notifications the form is not being displayed.

I am putting the form in a modal Window.

What I get is the rest of the screen in “modal mode” (slightly grayed out and all interaction inactivated) but no form window.

If I remove the field factory and the bean data source, then the window displays correctly.

Anyone else had a similar problem? Given there are no error messages anywhere and the fields are being returned correctly as return values from createField(…), I am at a loss on how to solve this issue. Any pointers, especially if I am making a stupid mistake, would be much appreciated.

The issue was using MarkedTextField as a default return value. Once that was changed, problem solved.