Folder WebContent/VAADIN/widgetsets


“After the compilation finishes, you should be able to run your application as before, but using the new widget set. The compilation result is written under the WebContent/VAADIN/widgetsets folder.”

When the application starts, it searches for widgetset in the WebContent/VAADIN/widgetsets. Is it possible to configure the application so that it was looking for widgetset in a folder of other such WebContent/MyFolder/widgetsets?

Thanks in advance.


I think the name VAADIN has to be the subfolder of the widgetsets-folder, but what comes before it (/WebContent/ in the example) should be configurable. May I ask what your use case for changing the folder is?

There are multiple parts to this question.

is effectively an Eclipse concept, e.g. Maven uses a different directory. In Eclipse, you can choose the directory to use for it when creating a project. Eclipse WTP (Dynamic Web Project and Vaadin projects based on its facet) searches for certain content in it, automatically includes its contents in the WAR generated or files deployed to the server etc. You can also do some customization of what goes where in a WAR or on a server in Project Properties → Deployment Assembly.

You can also customize the parent directory of VAADIN in which the application looks for resources if you have added it in a different location in the WAR - see AbstractApplicationServlet.getStaticFilesLocation() and .getWebApplicationsStaticFilesLocation().

The “VAADIN/” part of the path is expected to be present in several location in Vaadin and you cannot easily customize it, and the resources should be available from the same server as the application (from the point of view of the browser - it can also be e.g. a front-end Apache web server that forwards a part of the requests to Tomcat).