Focus on TextField inside of Tab

Hi all,

I have a TabSheet with two Tabs inside Window. Both of Tabs have VerticalLayout and some TextFields inside. What I want is to focus on the first TextField inside the first Tab when the Window shows up. What I was trying to do was sth like :

firstTab.setDefaultFocusComponent(firstField); myTabSheet.setSelectedTab(firstTab); firstField.focus(); but the problem is it works like: when the Window is openned, there’s no focus (or the focus on the first tab, I acctually don’t know) and then when I press TAB two times then I have focus on the first first inside the first Tab.
Also when I change Tab by clicking on the second Tab, and go back to the first Tab I have what I want : focus on the first field.
What can I do, to set focus on the first field inside first Tab when the Window appears ?

Thanks all, regards

Hi Dominik,

I had the same issue you had and I couldn’t solve. It’s weird that if we change to tab 1 and then tab 2, we get the behavior we want.

                TextField firstField = new TextField();

                VerticalLayout firstTab = new VerticalLayout(firstField,
                        new TextField());
                VerticalLayout secondTab = new VerticalLayout();

                TabSheet tabSheet = new TabSheet(firstTab, secondTab);

                Window window = new Window();