focus on new window not working with firefox

hi all,

does anyone know how can I make sure the focus is set on the new added modal window ?
When using Chrome, calling the focus() method on the window is enough :
UI.getCurrent().addWindow(myModalWindow); myModal.focus(); It doesn’t work on Firefox though (did not try IE or Edge).
I tried to set it on a specific component inside the window but it doesn’t help…

Vaadin version: 7.6.0

Any help would be appreciated.


Window w;

w = new Window(“Add New”);



I hope will works on me.

Hi Mervin,

the window is actually already set to modal, so it doesn’t help.

I have a textField with:
_a textChangeListener that adds a modal window when a certain number of caracter is reached.
_a valueChangeListener that empties this field value and set the focus back to it

Actually Chrome clears the tf value but doesn’t give the focus on it if the window is attached, FF does…
I don’t want the focus on it unless the window is closed because if you type something in the tf, a new window (and possibly many more) will be added on top of the first.

I’ll try somthing else then.
thanks anyway.