Focus MultiSelectComboBox Save-Button

Hi, I’ve got a form that saves an Object. One property is a list of items that can be chosen via MultiSelectComboBox. Now I want the user to be able to select one item and press the Save-Button instantly but the focus of the MultiSelectComboBox makes it so that the dropdown closes first and then you have to press the button again to make it work. How can I make the button pressable even if the dropdown is still opened? So in general it would be nice if the click is registered and the focus changes when the dropdown is still opened. So e.g. I click on a TextField while the dropdown is still opened and the focus switches to the TextField instead of having to click twice to switch the focus.

all overlays like that are modal by design, so the short answer is that you cannot.

there’s a feature request for that here:

Is it maybe possible as a workaround to track where the user clicked and figure out what component at that point is?


A workaround could be overriding the pointer-events style in body with css