Flow 13.0.3 lost context prefix when navigate to root view

I took the demo from [https://github.com/alejandro-du/embedded-jetty-demo]
(https://github.com/alejandro-du/embedded-jetty-demo) and play with it.
Downloaded version building on Vaadin Flow 12.0.4. It works fine. Then I change the Flow version to ‘13.0.3’: <vaadin.version>13.0.3</vaadin.version>
And the route navigation is broke. In attached demo i create two views: ‘’ and ‘page2’. On each view there is a button which navigate UI to each other.
With Flow 12.0.4 navigating work correct, didn’t lost the context prefix in URI
With Flow 13.0.3 there is a problem with lost context prefix when navigating to root view. Steps:

17594587.zip (86.8 KB)

Temporary fix is to add @RouteAlias(“”) to the first view.