flash elements (youtube) not showing in Chrome version 22


i’m trying to embed youtube video inside the application i’m developing. But somehow in the newest Chrome version the embedded flash elements are not showing (white space where the element should be). In IE9 and FF all is fine. I also tried using the youtube add-on which is working brilliantly in FF and IE but is also not showing anything in Chrome version 22.
To make this problem even stranger, everything works fine in chrome version 12 .

this is the code i’m currently using (youtube player add-on)

            player = new YouTubePlayer();        

Can someone please help me to get the flash components working in the newest Chrome version? Whithout this working in Chrome i’m not able to implement this in the application.

some additional info: i use eclipse as development tool and vaadin 6.7.7.

Thanks for your Early Reply

Is there no one here that can help me with this problem, i would really like an answer to this problem…

is there really no one who is able to help? What use is this forum if no one is willing to at least reply to my question/problem

People can only help if have used the relevant components and browser combination.

I haven’t.

I can’t.