Flash component

I am trying to display a swf file within a window, very simple like in the tutorial 5.15.1 Embedded Objects

Just does not work for me, could someone help out here please ?

public class FusionchartapplicationApplication extends Application
	public void init()
		System.out.println("inint ");


		Window w = new Window();


	public Component getFlash()
		// Create a Shockware Flash resource
		final ClassResource flashResource = new ClassResource(
		        "swf/opener.swf", getMainWindow().getApplication());
		// Display the resource in a Embedded compoant
		final Embedded embedded = new Embedded("Embedded 12345 Caption",
		// This is the default type, but we set it anyway.
		// This is recorgnized automatically, but set it anyway.

		return embedded;


Have you tried to set a width and height to your embedded component and see if it matters?
Or have you checked what ends up in the DOM e.g. using Firebug?

is an example of how you can embed flash.

Take a look at a working sample at

This loads the flash from ExternalResource (i.e. YouTube) instead from a ClassResource, but the Embedded part is the same.

The ClassResource seems to ignore the path to the file, in Fierbug I can see that the path is always APP/1/swift3d.swf

		final ClassResource flashResource = new ClassResource(
		        "swf/swift3d.swf", this);

I switched to ThemeResource and it workes


A ClassResource is loaded by the classloader from the classpath so for using that the file should be in the source/build folder in your project. The url is a generated url used internally by Vaadin to load the resource.

If your resource is in the theme folder you should use ThemeResource, that one will be directly loaded from the theme folder so the url will not be a generated one.