(FIXED)Application hung up on loading the next route (UI resync issue)

I have an app running on docker with nginx to redirect to it, when I try to log in, it takes a long time to do so, and gives a broken pipe error. Can someone help me find out what it is?
Edit: After lloking closely at the logs, I found this warning: Resynchronizing UI by client's request. A network message was lost before reaching the client and the client is reloading the full UI state. This typically happens because of a bad network connection with packet loss or because of some part of the network infrastructure (load balancer, proxy) terminating a push (websocket or long-polling) connection. If you are using push with a proxy, make sure the push timeout is set to be smaller than the proxy connection timeout
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Application takes a long time to login - Broken pipe error

I can’t say why it takes long to login. But I suggest you to upgrade to a recent vaadin version, as there has been some fixes related to the UI resynchronization

Hello! Yes, after searching issues on the github, I found one that mentioned upgrading to 23.2.12 here:

currently testing

i tried upgrading to 23.3.12, but it broke my app

Confirmed, upgrading to 23.2.12 fixed the issue!

(FIXED)Application hung up on loading the next route (UI resync issue)