Firefox show twice a window component


I have a window with a horizontal split panel with components in both sides, panel tabs and endebed browser, some times very frecuently, it shows the “0nly one existing” window twice (Top & Bottom), and with errors (some missing components) in the top window (see attached picture) , In other browsers Safari, Chrome… it works fine. If you delete cookies in firefox and refresh then it works fine and shows only one window.

I am using vaadiin 6.8.3 and Tomcat 7.0.23 as server

It is impossible to know the correct answer without seeing your code, but are you by any chance using addComponent instead of setContent on the main window? Try debugging you main layout initialization method to see from where any calls come: most likely the method is called twice in some cases, and you don’t remove existing components before adding new ones.

Thanks for the quikc answer:
Here is part of the code:

Aplication class

public class DontpushApplication extends Application {//implements ParameterHandler {
//implements com.vaadin.terminal.ParameterHandler{
//	private HttpServletRequest request;
private String userConectado;

	public void init() {

		PropSalaReunionWindow testWindow = new PropSalaReunionWindow();

PropSalaReunion class

public class PropSalaReunionWindow extends Window .............

public void handleParameters(Map<String, String[]> parameters) {..........

	public void inicia()
   creaSplitPanel(asamForm, propTable, browser);

public void creaSplitPanel(Form formAsam, Table tableProp, Embedded browserBBB) {.....................

   VerticalLayout botoneraComentario = creaBotoneraComentario();
 	panelControl = 
			 new PanelControl("Panel de Control",formAsam, tableProp, spacer(), abreVotacion, cierraVotacion, comenTable, consultaTable, editaConsulta, creaConsulta, botoneraComentario, irAPartipantes);
	 panelInfo = new PanelInfoPropuesta(propJpaContainer.getItem(getIdProp()),consultaJpaContainer);
	 TabSheet tabsZonaPrincipal = new TabSheet();
	 tabsZonaPrincipal.addTab(browserBBB, "Sala");
	 tabsZonaPrincipal.addTab(panelInfo, "Propuesta en curso");
	 final HorizontalSplitPanel horiz = new HorizontalSplitPanel();
	 	if (formAsam != null && tableProp != null)
	 		horiz.setSplitPosition(20); // percent
	 		// percent
//	    horiz.setHeight("100%");

	    // left component:

Is important to mention, that the “double window mode” happends only on Firefox and after a error (red Exclamation mark in a component) and once goes into that mode the only way to get rid of it is deleting cookies.

Only Firefox, you say? that’s strange :slight_smile: Looks like firefox sends an additional parameter call, causing the UI to be created twice.

Anyway, you can try one of two things to get your app working :

  1. add a removeAllComponents() call to the beginning of inicia()
  2. use setContent(horiz) instead of addComponent(horiz) (this way you’ll lose the height control of the split panel, since it will be window-sized)

Sorry for the delay in the answer, After applying the suggestions I don’t get the twice component, but I get a empty tables, see attached pictures, one from Safari, where works fine (also works fine in chrome) and another from firefox, where fails.

Before when I was getting twice window, the Top one was having the same problem (empty table) and bottom one was showing the contents of the table.