Firefox 65 first button click not handled in Vaadin 7.7.15

Something we’ve noticed that appears to have broken with the latest Firefox build, a vaadin button now requires clicking twice before the UIDL is issued.

  • hover over button- bg colour changes
  • click once- no uidl, bg colour reverts
  • click again- uidl sent

Has anyone else seen this?

In VButton when the button is clicked but no UIDL is sent the following events are processed:

  • onMouseDown
  • onMouseOut (targetInsideButton is false)
  • onMouseUp

Whereas clicking it again results in ‘Down, Up, Click’ as you would expect.

Filed issue

It would be serious bug if it would not work. Thus I tried to reproduce it, but I could not. See my update in the ticket.

Thanks Tatu, found the bug in some ill advised custom styles. Explained in github for the benefit of anyone in future.