Fire user change event

I would like to fire a user changeEvent in an application .
Does anyone know how to do that?

– and then next fire a user change event!?

Thanks and best regards

A little more context would be helpful. What is a ‘user’ changeEvent? Are you talking of the GWT ChangeEvent class? What is ‘daten’ in your example? What is it that you’re functionally trying to accomplish?


Thanks for your quick reply

We habe a Login Window with Uster Name and Password and a Data Room.
These values ​​are stored in a serializable class.
If the user wants to change the room , he has to sign up again and again .
It would be good if he could do that in the application.

The Login calls on:

public void applicationUserChanged(UserChangeEvent event) {

the function is called so:

public void setUser(Object user) {
final Object prevUser = this.user;
if (user == prevUser || (user != null && user.equals(prevUser))) {
this.user = user;
if (userChangeListeners != null) {
final Object listeners = userChangeListeners.toArray();
final UserChangeEvent event = new UserChangeEvent(this, user,
for (int i = 0; i < listeners.length; i++) {
((UserChangeListener) listeners[i]

I would now like to keep all the information user object , and only change a value , and call the function anywhere in the program .

I hope this is understandable?

Thanks and Regards