Filtering with ConfigurableFilter a TreeGrid doesnt Works

Hi, I am trying to use a filter for a TreeGrid using withConfigurableFilter() but doesnt works. I am using an AbstractBackEndHierarchicalDataProvider for the tree. I would like to know with which column of the tree the value assigned to the wrapper as a filter is compared, because when changing the value of the text field there are no changes in the grid

        TreeGrid<DataModelNode> inventoryObjectTree = new TreeGrid<>();
        txtFilterInventoryTree = new TextField("", "...");     

        ConfigurableFilterDataProvider<DataModelNode, Void, String>
            wrapper = dataProvider.withConfigurableFilter();
        txtFilterInventoryTree.addValueChangeListener(event -> {
            String filter = event.getValue();
            if (filter.trim().isEmpty()) {
                // null disables filtering
                filter = null;